Photo and Video

  • Vavilov Andrey took part in the TV Show ‘Born in USSR’

    Student ages, native city Perm, science researches and superconductivity.
    Watch more on our YouTube channel: SuperOx

  • Short video on technology of SuperOx Japan LLC

    Concise video-introduction to the aspects of the IBAD/PLD technology used in SuperOx Japan to produce 2G HTS wire. Various technological steps are highlighted with the demonstration of unique production equipment.

  • Interview to specialists of SuperOx in the "Innograd" programm

    On December, 5 on Russia 24 TV channel in the “Innograd” program a number of interview to specialists of SuperOx headed by the Chairman of Council of directors – Vavilov A.P. was shown. Dr.Vavilov told about the vision of prospects of the company. The success of the enterprise which grew from the small venture and scientific project in research and production holding with representation in Tokyo, is connected with competitive scientific ideas, effective team of scientists, and also with high-quality management of the project.

    Except the interesting story of technical leads about various technologies and architecture of high-temperature superconductor production in Moscow and Tokyo, the department of marketing presented the model of the magnetic levitation road. Such model visually shows one of the basic principles of the superconductivity phenomenon, and also prompts what railway transport can be.

  • The story on Technology Park "Slava"on TVC channel

    The story on Technology Park "Slava", where production and office of SuperOx are located, was shown on TVC channel in the “Nasha Moskva” program.

  • The popular scientific telecast "Future City" on Russia 24 TV channel made a story about SuperOx

    Scientific leader of SuperOx professor A.R.Kaul acquainted TV viewers with the phenomenon of superconductivity and superconductor materials. General director of the company S.V.Samoylenkov told about technology and prospects of practical use of superconducting tapes. The production facility of the 2G HTS tape is developed by our company in Technology Park "Slava".