About superconductivity


Particularly due to these two reasons scientists continued developing superconductivity and today superconductors of the next second generation which is expected to replace both low-temperature superconductors and 2G superconductors have been already created. If 1G superconductors were called “a powder in a pipe”, 2G superconductors are called «a tape with a covering». This name was given due to external view of the superconductor – it is like bright ribbons similar to a narrow strip of common foil which you have in your kitchen for sure. However superconductor

However the superconductor is similar to a foil strip only in appearance, actually such ribbon is «a puff pie», only instead of apples, jam or a custard, various alloys of metals are used in it, and layers are so thin that turned to edge, they are completely invisible.

It became possible to develope an extremely small thickness of layers of superconductor most recently, with the beginning nanotechnologies development in the world and our country. As far as such tapes – «puff pies» are stable for external magnetic fields, they are able to spend more electric current in time unit, 2G superconductors which are already being made not only in Japan, the USA, but also in our country by scientists from the Moscow state university, have huge prospects already in the near future.

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