Superconducting power DC cable based on MgB2

The specialists from the Institute of Microelectronics Nanotechnology, VNIIKP and MAI have created and tested an experimental "hybrid" power line, which is also the cryogenic conduit for liquid hydrogen and superconducting power DC cable based on magnesium diboride. For the fabrication of the cable (diameter (without cryostat) - 26 mm, length - 10 m), consisting of five superconducting tape with cross-section 0.65 × 3.65 mm the conductor, manufactured by Columbus Superconductors SpA was used. In the course of testing the different cryostating modes were implemented, and the critical current of the superconducting cable cooled by the flow of liquid hydrogen was 2.64 kA at 20.4K and 2.02 kA at 25.7K.

Successful tests of this new system will help to assess the prospects for implementing the concept of "hybrid" power lines creation to transfer large flows of energy and the possibility of practical application of the power superconducting cable based on magnesium diboride as current-carrying element.