High temperature superconductors (HTS) for energy applications

Woodhead Publishing Ltd. has published a new book «High temperature superconductors (HTS) for energy applications», edited by Z. Melhem (Oxford Instruments Nanoscience, UK), which discusses the fundamental aspects of HTS materials for use in the energy sector, including cabling transmissions, fault alignment limiters, energy storage, generators and motors, fusion and accelerator.

The book is 432 pages in volume consists of two parts.

Part one describes the fundamental science, engineering and development of particular HTS components such as wires and tapes, cables, coils and magnets and discusses the cryogenics and electromagnetic modelling of HTS systems and materials.

  1. Fundamental issues in high temperature superconductor materials science and engineering 
  2. K. Marken (Superconductivity Technology Center, USA)
  3. High temperature superconductor wires and tapes
  4. V. Selvamanickam (University of Houston, USA)
  5. High temperature superconductor cables
  6. S.I. Schlachter, W. Goldacker (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany)
  7. Bulk high temperature superconductor materials
  8. T. Coombs (University of Cambridge, UK)
  9. High temperature superconductor magnets
  10. H. Jones (University of Oxford, UK)
  11. Cryogenics for high temperature superconductor systems
  12. P.K. Ghoshal (Oxford Instruments NanoScience, Abingdon, UK)
  13. Electromagnetic modelling of high temperature superconductor materials and applications
  14. F. Gömöry (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)

Part two reviews the types of energy applications that HTS materials are used in, including fault current limiters, power cables and energy storage, as well as their application in rotating machinery for improved electrical efficiencies, and in fusion technologies and accelerator systems where HTS magnets are becoming essential enabling technologies.

  1. Superconducting fault current limiters and power cables
  2. W. Hassenzahl (Advanced Energy Analysis, USA)
  3. Superconducting magnetic energy storage systems (SMES)
  4. P. Tixador (Grenoble INP / Institut Néel – GElab, France)
  5. Application of high temperature superconductor technology in rotating machinery
  6. R. Fair (Converteam UK Ltd, UK)
  7. High temperature superconductors in fusion technologies
  8. J.-L. Duchateau (CEA, France)
  9. High temperature superconductors (HTS) in accelerator systems
  10. N. Zangenberg (Danish Technological Institute, Denmark)

High temperature superconductors (HTS) for energy applications is an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved or interested in HTS materials and their application in energy systems, including materials scientists and electrical engineers, energy consultants, HTS materials manufacturers and designers, and researchers and academics in this field.

You can order the book at the publishing house site. Price: £150.00 / US$255.00 / €180.00.