STI Conductus 2G HTS Wire Pilot Production Equipment Now Operational

Superconductor Technologies Inc. (STI) has successfully completed the installation of its equipment suite required for production of Conductus® 2G HTS wire at its Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence facility in Austin during the fourth quarter of 2012 as planned. At this time all 2G HTS wire pilot production equipment is operational and in various stages of process implementation.

All three machines required for production of Conductus 2G HTS wire are operational and achieving expected functional milestones.

  • The IBAD system, delivered in April 2012, has completed process implementation. It is now being used in full production and achieving record results as of January 2013. 
  •  The SDP system, delivered in November 2012, has also completed initial process implementation. The initial pilot production runs of 50 meter lengths and 10 centimeter widths were completed in early February 2013. 
  •  The RCE-CDR system, delivered in December 2012, has been installed with first process run completed in February 2013.

Recently STI shipped the first Conductus wire completely fabricated in Austin facility, and it is being tested for a superconducting motor application. In January, they also achieved product requirements for a low temperature, high infield superconducting magnet application by achieving greater than 2500 amps per centimeter at 4 Kelvins. In addition, they passed testing in magnetic field strengths greater than 14 Tesla. The company continues to focus on providing longer lengths of wire for demonstration cable production.