Furukawa Electric Co. Developed the World's Highest Standard for High-Temperature Superconducting Cables

Japanese Furukawa Electric Co. and its partners (Showa Cable Systems Co., ISTEC, NEDO) have developed and successfully tested in Shenyang (China) the 30-meter high-temperature superconducting cable that enable power transmission at 275kV and 1.5 million kVA (the cable has diameter of 150mm and transmission loss of 0.8W/m). This is the highest level of superconducting power transmission in the world. Technological development of superconducting power transmission cables has mainly focused on 66kV so far.

They have also developed an aerial terminal connector and an intermediate connector for connecting with electrical equipment. In the demonstration test, a long-term current load was conducted in an acceleration test equivalent to 30 years, which successfully confirmed the soundness of the cable and connectors.

The establishment of these technologies is expected to lead to the adoption of these cables and connectors as a new infrastructure, not only in Japan, but also in other countries.