The superconductor cable for the “AmpaCity” project successfully tested

Type testing of the recently developed superconductor cable for the “AmpaCity” project successfully completed. In March, production will start for the space-saving and energy-efficient HTS cable system that will replace a high-voltage cable in the city of Essen. With the handover of the test certificate for a high-temperature superconductor (HTS) cable system, Nexans Deutschland GmbH and RWE Deutschland AG will mark the completion of the 18-month development phase in the “AmpaCity” project on 11 March 2013. Following the successful test series of the prototype in the Nexans’ Hanover plant’s high-voltage laboratory, production of the 10 kV HTS system, which is 1 kilometre in length, will now start. It is set to replace a 110 kV copper cable in the RWE-operated distribution network in the city of Essen at the end of the year, and transport the same power of up to 40 MW.

Its suitability was proven by the prototype of the HTS cable in a lightning impulse voltage test at roughly seven times the nominal voltage as well as during continuous loading at three times the operating voltage. During the tests, the connection joint belonging to the system and the specially developed, particularly compact cable terminators were also tested. The terminators are used to create the transition from the cryogenic superconductor system to the conventional copper network.

The three-phase, concentric 10 kV cable from the AmpaCity project will now be the longest (one kilometer) installation of a superconductor cable in the world. The combination of a superconductor cable with a superconducting fault current limiter also constitutes a premiere.