New record in MagLev applications of 2G HTS tapes and new products

Magnetic levitation (MagLev) is a unique, always exciting phenomenon: the trains «flying» with 500 kmh, non-contact manipulators for clean environments, wear-free magnetic bearings. Stable levitation is possible only with the use of superconductors, while high temperature superconductors (HTS) make the employment of the effect economically feasible.

SuperOx company develops MagLev devices and materials for this application. Recently we have achieved new record for SuperOx 2G HTS tapes – the magnetic levitation of more than 35 kg. We needed less than 20 meters of the high quality HTS tape and special Hallbach array rail made of permanent magnets to reach this performance. Our near-term target is levitation of 100 kg load with further way leading to suspension of 1 ton. Following this path, our company developed new technique to produce “plates”, “bricks” and other shapes from 2G HTS tapes. Due to unique characteristics of these new products, they will find their place in various devices, such as shields, MagLev bearings, transport and manipulation systems.