Hannover Messe 2015. Hannover, Germany

Today has started the world famous exhibition Hannover Messe, designed to combine representatives of the international industrial community. Hot topics of the event are: Industry 4.0, energy efficiency, lightweight construction and new materials. Experts demonstrate plenty of overlapping technologies used in the industry, providing exhibitors direct access to new markets, and an opportunity to sell their products and solutions to investors.

Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow organizes the participation of the Government of Moscow in the international exhibition Hannover Messe.

During the exhibition will be held a series of talks and meetings with international industrial companies whose purpose is to invite international industrial companies to locate their manufacturing in Moscow technological parks and industrial zones. And also to draw attention to the development of residents of Moscow Technopark. The delegation included representatives of 15 high-tech companies and research organizations of the city of Mowcow.

SuperOx company is one of the key residents of Technopark "Slava" and the first producer of high-temperature superconducting wires of the second generation (2G HTS) in Russia also presents its new technological solutions.

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