This Thursday starts IV Moscow Urban Forum. SuperOx will take part in the work of the Festival

The Festival will be hold from 11 to 14th of December in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall for the second time. The Festival Day’s programme is intended to provide a platform for broader discussion of the main themes of the IV Moscow Urban Forum "Drivers of City Development."

Discussion at the Forum will focus on opportunities for managing urban development, effective work with growth drivers, and promising models for the future development of Moscow.

A city is both a living organism and something that can be planned and managed. It changes and grows according to drivers and catalysts; some of which are externally determined and imposed, others are internal and spontaneous. This is the fundamental challenge to be resolved in the running of a self-developing organism. The megalopolis can descend into a mega-problem, or it can evolve into a successful mega-metropolis.

The aim of this Moscow Urban Forum is to ensure that everyone is informed as to who is doing what, where, and how. And, if possible, to find long-term models for the development of Moscow.

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