IV Moscow Urban Forum finished this Sunday

Moscow Urban Forum reaffirmed its status of authoritative international discussion and exhibit space. Leading experts, urbanists, representatives of the government and businesses, more than 4,500 participants gathered in the Central Exhibition Hall "Moscow Manege", in order to discuss current issues and problems of modern urbanism, especially the development of megacities, the engines of the economic growth for these cities.

Today the city is a recognized actor in the international relations. Their practical value is stronger and more complex in the context of global urban trends.

This Urban Forum included consideration of the case studies and ideas, sharing of experiences and the development of new urban development policies on key issues such as: architecture, development of transportation and infrastructure, the development of the cultural component, the implementation of new technological developments.

The final meeting of the Forum admitted that any development strategy for building a strong megacity with an interaction of all factors must take into account the interests and needs of its citizens as a key capital and the "driver" of any city is its people.

The business programme of the Forum was supplemented with cultural events within the framework of the Festival. On Saturday and Sunday the Central Exhibition Hall "Moscow Manege" was free for the residents and guests of the capital to enjoy Urban exhibition.

SuperOx Company took part in the exhibition. For the first time it presented a model of the magnetic rail with a magnetic suspension to withstand the weight of 40 kg.
This fantastic effect of levitation is achieved with HTS materials that Company use in the production of their 2G HTS tape.

In addition, the booth of the Department of Fuel and Energy of the city of Moscow presented models showing the huge potential for the implementation of innovative technologies. Production of energy-efficient products based on high-temperature superconductors could allow the city: to reduce losses in power electric systems, to improve the reliability of electricity supply through the introduction of superconducting current limiters, create new scanners, accelerators, as well as new transport systems based on magnetic levitation effect.

This year "SuperOx" Company has started its cooperation with UNECO (United Energy Company). SuperOx superconducting equipment is going to be embedded into the energy systems of Moscow. The use of HTS products will significantly improve the reliability of the supply of energy consumers and expand opportunities for the growth of the Moscow power system.

The forum held under the auspices of the Moscow Government with the participation of the Moscow’s Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.