Residents of Skolkovo demonstrated their developments to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Today Medvedev watched several presentations by companies-residents of Skolkovo Foundation and students of Skoltech, before chairing a meeting of the presidential council on economic modernization and innovative development.

After a brief talk with residents of robotics company, Mr. Medvedev visit to Skolkovo innovation city included demonstration of a driverless forklift truck made by RoboCV, startup’s products for developing web apps with 3D graphics, the maker of a 3D printer that uses composite materials rather than plastics.

And following startups superconductive fault current limiter by SuperOx was presented to Russian Prime Minister. HTS FCL / Fault Current Limiter eliminates accidental fault currents in electrical networks, increases reliability and quality of electrical power supply, reduces the wearout of the electrical equipment.