SuperOx creates innovative superconductors for Maglev utilities

A brand-new superconducting material from SuperOx might reinvent Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) instruments, making manufacturing much cheaper, easier and more efficient.

Board of Directors Chairman of SuperOx, Andrei Vavilov, succinctly summarized the influence of the cutting edge superconducting tape on the magnetic levitation market: “We’ve modified the game.”

The Predecessor

Prior to this brand-new innovation, the high temperature ceramics (HTCs) that were required for magnetic suspension required approximately 4 months to produce. The units themselves– which can’t get manufactured in significant quantities – were breakable, with a raised amount of rare earth elements. This proved a pricey, lengthy and insufficient method of developing high temp ceramics.

Regardless of their drawbacks, the HTC engineering is applied in prototypes for Nexans/Siemens, for magnetic bearings; Boeing, for flywheel energy storage; Evico GmbH, for transport technology; and FESTO, for contactless manipulation units. As can be observed with the examples, a fresh, more effective technology was much required by the MagLev industry.

The Technology

SuperOx’s technology utilises 2G high temperature superconductors (HTS) in tapes, with the ability to create multi-layered products which may take the shape of bricks, thin plates or cylinders to match the end needs. These devices can suspend over 35kg utilizing merely 20 metres of the HTS tape, an exceptional accomplishment.

The engineering is considerably more sophisticated than the high temperature ceramics, utilizing very low quantities of rare earth materials but keeping a high conductivity performance. The production technique is fast and relatively easy in comparison with its predecessors, making it a significant breakthrough for the MagLev sector.

SuperOx is creating further technologies which should have the ability to levitate a load of 100kg within the near future, with a 1 tonne load as the more distant goal.

The Results

Maglev that is stable may be created with the employment of superconducting materials, making progress extremely necessary for effective expansion on the market. By using this modern technology, companies in the field will be able to utilize high temperature superconducting materials in whatever formulation they want, and it’ll be much more economically sound than past systems.

As Chairman Andrei Vavilov mentioned, the whole MagLev industry could be considerably bettered with the arrival of this innovative product, making this advancement a huge success.

About SuperOx and Chairman Andrei Vavilov

Founded in 2006, SuperOx has developed from a high-tech startup business to one of the top high temperature superconductor producers globally. It has plenty of products employing their tech, the HTS tape. Its Board of Directors Chairman, Andrey Vavilov, has overseen the growth of the company into a globally trusted, extensive research and development firm.