SuperOx’s Revolutionary Project Can Improve Moscow’s Power System

Moscow, January 16. - "SuperOx" received the status of national project of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. During the meeting of working group of the Ministry of Energy, Alexey Teksler said that "the innovative development of the fuel and energy sector is one of the basic strategic tasks that faces the Russian energy industry and that the key element of maintaining the leading positions in the market are new technologies. In accordance with the action plan ("road map") «The introduction of innovative technologies and modern materials in the fuel and energy sector" for the period until 2018 the working group of the Ministry must select at least 20 innovative projects. Within the framework of the meeting the status of national ones was received by the last 7 out of 20 planned projects, including the project of «SuperOx" company: «The development and introduction of superconducting technologies in the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation». The implementation of projects using superconductor technologies will ensure the transition to new standard solutions of power supply schemes, which have a multiplier effect for the development of other industries. Until 2020 it is planned to implement 3 working projects for the introduction of high-temperature superconductivity. The first superconducting fault current limiting device made by "SuperOx" in cooperation with"United Energy Company" will be put into operation on the territory of the power grid "Mnevniki" in Moscow in the IV quarter of 2018. The new efficient technology will significantly reduce the load on the power grid and will prevent the occurrence of fault currents. The technology is highly appreciated by Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Novak A.V. and Moscow Mayor Sobyanin S.S.