Airbus Developing SC Electrical Propulsion System Prototype

Airbus Group Innovations Russia is leading a research effort to develop a small-scale prototype of a 100 kW electrical propulsion system for aircraft including generators, cables, and fan motors using superconducting materials.

This system tends to become a key enabler for the development of future electric aircraft. Superconducting equipment meets necessary power plant weight and size and allow more efficient transfer of electrical energy.

Airbus Group Innovations Russia plans to develop a second version pf a small demonstrator device to be showcased at the Russian MAKS air show alter this year.

The team is working in coordination with Airbus Group Innovations’ Technical Capability Center 6 (TX6: Energy & Propulsion) and Airbus Group’s E-Aircraft System House in Ottobrunn, along with Russian HTS equipment producer SuperOx, universities and research institutions.


Superconductor Week / June 30, 2015 / Vol. 29, No. 5