Superox Became the Winner of Competitive Selection Hold by the Ministry of Education of Russia in the Framework of Multilateral Cooperation With the EU in the Program "Horizon 2020»

SuperOx became a participant in the international program for the development, design and manufacture of a prototype of a new ultralight, highly efficient superconductive engine for civil aviation. Experts expect that in next 20 years the annual growth in the use of aviation transport in the world will be up to 5%. Despite the fact that now in the world new engines are being developed with reduced fuel consumption to facilitate the environmental load, the amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere will remain at the same level but most likely will increase. Ensuring the implementation of the concept of hybrid and fully electric aircraft with distributive traction is now available only through the introduction of high-temperature superconductive technology. The introduction of advanced technology of superconducting engines in the aviation industry will reduce the environmental load on nature produced by air transport: to reduce harmful emissions by 75-90% and noise level by 65%.