Present status of Furukawa Electric Co. development in superconducting applications

In addition to our post "Furukawa Electric Co. Developed the World's Highest Standard for High-Temperature Superconducting Cables" (21.02.2013) we announce that Furukawa Review (No. 43) has published a joint work of Furukawa Electric Co. (R & D HTS Project Team, HTS Engineering Department) and the International Superconductivity Technology Center (Superconductivity Research Laboratory) employees, in which the reader is closely acquainted with the technology for cable creating and testing.

In the same issue there is the article by Shinichi Mukoyama, considering in detail the superconducting devices used to create a "smart" power grids (HTS cables, current limiters, energy storage systems) and present status of Furukawa Electric Co. development.

Source: The Development of 275 kV-3 kA YBCO High-Tc Superconducting Power Cable

Development of Superconducting Technologies for the Smart grid