Opening of the International Cable Industry Exhibition CABEX 2018

United Energy Company and SuperOx present there joint project: the first fault current limiting device (HTS SFCL) 220 kV which will be installed at the Moscow’s substation "Mnevniki" this December 2018. The necessity of using this equipment is dictated by the growth of electric power needs, the development of generating capacities and transmission systems. As a result, fault currents flowing in the network exceeding the nominal value dozens of times. Fault currents are the key cause of damage of the equipment, emergency situations. A breakthrough solution to eliminate this problem was proposed by the Russian company SuperOx - the development and installation of a high-temperature superconducting fault current limiting device in the power system. HTS fault current limiter allows: to reduce the damage to the electrical systems from fault currents; to reduce the requirements for network equipment, thereby reducing its costs; to increase the service life of the equipment; to ensure a low level of network losses; to improve the quality of energy supply.