Development of Standards and Methods of Testing of HTS-Equipment. The Meeting of Working Groups CIGRE and IEC in Shanghai with the Participation of SuperOx

SuperOx CEO Sergei Samoilenkov took part in a joint meeting of the working groups CIGRE D1.64 and 1.69 and IEC TC90, which was held at the Shanghai Cable Industry Institute on May 15-18, 2018. About 40 leading experts from 15 countries took part in it. CIGRE and IEC are the largest international organizations developing new standards in the field of electric power and testing programs for new equipment. The participation of Russian representatives in the work of CIGRE and IEC is a prerequisite for the rapid development and effective implementation of HTSC technologies in Russia and abroad. Within the framework of the seminar SuperOx presented a report on the mechanical properties of high-voltage insulation systems at low temperatures.