Superconductor Technologies Inc. Completes 2G HTS Wire Production Suite

Superconductor Technologies Inc. (STI) has completed acceptance testing of its Solution Deposition Planarization (SDP) system. The equipment has been shipped and received at STI's Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Austin.

SDP is a foundational step in STI's Conductus® wire manufacturing process used to increase power densities at the same time being optimized for low cost and high throughput. SDP serves two very important roles: planarization and a diffusion barrier.

The SDP and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) machine that was installed in April will work together to produce one kilometer lengths of complete wire template. This template will be used in the next generation Reactive Coevaporation Cyclic Deposition and Reaction (RCE-CDR) system that was installed in October. The RCE-CDR system deposits the HTS material onto the template using STI's proprietary process.

STI expects to have the system completely installed and operational by 2012 year end. and commercial production will begin in 2014.