BIXPO 2016

November 2~ 4, 2016

KDJ (Kimdaejung) Convention Center (Gwangju, Korea)

The World’s First Electric Power Exhibition + Conference + Invention Fair

Hosted by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the world’s leading electric utility, Bitgaram International Exposition of Electric Power Technology, BIXPO, is the world’s first exposition ever that combines electric power exhibition, conference, and invention fair.

First hosted in 2015 under the slogan “To the Future of Electric Power Technology,” BIXPO is a host to 30,000 visitors including chief technology officers of global utilities, professionals, and buyers from 217 companies across 30 different countries, and provides a platform for sharing and exchanging technology trends and expertise.

New Business Opportunities through Technology Exchanges and Networking

BIXPO is full of exciting programs including not only exhibitions and conferences, but also exquisite cultural programs such as opening ceremony, Culture Night, and other cultural events enhancing the participants’ overall BIXPO experience.
Of note, BIXPO is the first exposition of its kind where multiples of technology and innovation events are hosted in conjunction; new technologies are brought to light at the New Technology Exhibition, and creative minds present unlimited possibility for the next generation electric power technology at the International Invention Fair. The exposition also includes International Conference which provides than 20 comprehensive academic sessions on core electric power technologies and CTO Forum to share the strategic responses of global utilities to maintain sustainable competitive advantage in the fast-changing power generation industry.

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