2012 R&D 100 Award Granted to SuperPower Inc.

2012 R&D 100 Award Granted to SuperPower Inc., a Subsidiary of Furukawa Electric, for Practical Application of a Superconducting Wire (winning the award together with the University of Houston as co-developers of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

These globally recognized annual awards are organized by R&D Magazine, a US science and technology magazine, and are granted to the 100 most promising research and development achievements from among products, processes, materials, and software introduced to the global market over the past year (the R&D 100 Awards held for the 50th time this year).

SuperPower Inc. and the University of Houston were thus highly evaluated for their practical application of the yttrium-based superconducting wire, the pinning function of which has been improved by evenly dispersing nanostructure oxides in the superconducting layer, giving the wire the ability to carry more current even in high magnetic fields. This wire is essential for superconducting devices in which wires are coiled and high magnetic fields are generated, such as SMES for electricity storage, wind power generators, MRI, and clinical accelerators.