2G HTS wire performance progress and ?3.5m grant from German Government

Zenergy (AIM:ZEN.L), is pleased to announce further progress with the development of its 2G HTS wire (second generation, high temperature superconductor wire) plus the award of a new €3.5m grant towards improvements and up scaling of its 2G wire processes.

For a number of years, Zenergy has been working to develop a cost effective, continuous chemical deposition process for the manufacture of 2G HTS wire using relatively simple commercially purchased materials. The Group is now consistently able to produce 100m lengths of 2G wire using this method and, at suffi cient quality for use in Zenergy’s Magnetic Billet Heaters and Fault Current Limiters.

Zenergy has also received a grant of €3.5 million from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi - contract no. 03ET1010A). This grant was awarded to assist with further improvements to the wire and the development of online monitoring, standardisation and quality control techniques which will be required when moving towards mass manufacturing. The total costs of this funded project are estimated at €6.0 million and will take up to 3 years to complete.

This certainly validates our long held belief that it is possible to manufacture 2G wire using this very low cost, ink-jet printing technique.

“In recent weeks, Zenergy has seen increased interest in its wire programme as the Chinese near monopoly of some rare earth metals has caused the cost of permanent magnets to rise dramatically. We are in touch with a number of wind generator manufacturers who are now considering 2G HTS wire solutions as a direct result of this increase in magnet prices".