2G HTS wire

Key features

  • Zero electrical resistance = zero energy loss
  • Carries 500+ times current than copper: 500 A/mm2 at 77 K, self-field and 4 K, 20 T
  • Strong, non-magnetic Hastelloy substrate: > 500 MPa
  • Various widths: 12-8-6-4-3 mm for any application
  • Vast customisation options: silver, copper, insulation, etc.


  • High power, low weight and compact equipment
  • Low loss and safe electric power management
  • High magnetic fields

SuperOx does not supply 2G HTS wire with the conductor track between superconducting layer and the support, connecting the superconducting layer and the support in parallel, in territories protected by EP 1 042 820, US 6,522,236 and JP 4 359 387 patents.

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Critical current

Critical current

Critical current

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