HTS motors

Modern HTS tapes have a current carrying capacity which is 200-300 times larger than that of conventional conductors - copper and aluminum. This enables generation of higher magnetic fields using the same coil size and thereby significantly increases the performance of rotating machines.

Main applications:

  • Generators for wind turbines
  • Drives for marine propellers, automotive drives, rotors helicopters and hovercraft vehicles, mobile lifting vehicles, turbine starters for aircraft engines
  • High torque motors for industry
  • Reactive power compensators
  • Devices for kinetic energy storage

Fig. 1. Comparison of losses of conventional motor and high temperature superconducting motor (Siemens)

Characteristics of HTS motor

Power-to-weight ratio is 2-5 times higher than that of traditional analog

Energy efficiencient
Significant reduction of losses (even with the cryogenics losses included)

High torque and high specific power
Specific torque is higher than that of conventional motors

Ecological benefits
Low noise, no emissions

Enhanced stability in the transition modes, high system stability against overloads

● Fire safety
Cryogenic equipment with the use of incombustible liquid nitrogen.

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