About us

SuperOx – superconductor to the future of the new electric power industry architecture.

Due to unique electric and physical properties of high temperature superconductors, the application of 2G HTS tapes results in unique and superior qualities of power cables, fault current limiters, transformers, motors, generators, energy storage systems and magnets.

An innovative equipment for the energy industry that is produced with the use of key SuperOx product:

  • gives possibility to increase the volume of energy production excluding prejudice to existing equipment due to the unprecedented power performance;
  • provides protection against overload the power system and allows:
  • reduce the damage of electric short circuit
  • reduce the requirement for network equipment, thus reducing the cost of the power system architecture;
  • increase the service life of the installed equipment
  • improve fire and accident safety
  • provide a maximum low level losses in the power network
  • improve the quality of power supply

Andrey Vavilov founded SuperOx in 2006 with a goal to establish production of second generation high temperature superconducting tapes (2G HTS). Today the RM solutions with HTS materials may change the image of the modern power and transport industry. As well, 2G HTS tapes enable the production of far more efficient magnetic equipment for research and medicine. The company’s intellectual property is based on more than the 20-year experience in deposition of complex oxide coatings and studying properties of HTS materials.

SuperOx is headquartered in Russia and Japan and operates worldwide.